Afghan Supercar Mada9 has this Toyota engine -Video

The Afghan supercar “Mada9” is the talk of the town these days as the manufacturers come up with updates regularly. First, the pictures went viral, then there was a test drive, and yesterday a top Afghan government official unveiled the vehicle. The supercar has become popular mainly due to its external resemblance to the Bugatti. But there was, still is, a big question about its specifications, features and power.

Engine in Mada9

Although there is still no update on the major options in the car, however, apparently the engine installed in it has been revealed. The makers, ENTOP, shared a video on their Facebook page where you can see the engine. At first glance, you can easily guess that this is a Toyota engine, and further investigation will reveal that it is a 1ZZ-FE 1.8 4-cylinder engine that produces 132 hp and 171 nm of torque.

The engine was released in the Toyota Corolla Altis from 2006-2011 and was paired with a CVT transmission. One very interesting thing to notice is that the engine is mounted at the rear of the car, although it is a front-wheel drive (FWD) assembly. Additionally, there were reports that the Mada9 is a mid-engine car, but the videos show that the engine is placed behind the excels.

If it’s the same engine, it’s not the first time a powerful car has used it. A famous British car, Lotus, also used this engine from 2001 to 2011, showing that it is a reliable machine.

Unveiling the car yesterday, Suhail Shaheen tweeted about this vehicle. In his tweet, he shared a video of the car, writing: “Unveiling ceremony of a car built by an Afghan engineer M. Raza Mohammadi.”

Shaheen urged “all skilled Afghan youth to rise to the occasion to play their innovative role in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.”
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