Attempts to smuggle USD 115,000 and CAD 31,000 foiled at Karachi airport

In a shameful incident at a time when the country is running low on foreign exchange reserves, the Airport Security Force (ASF) arrested a private citizen, Raheel, who was trying to smuggle a large amount of foreign exchange and gold out of the country.

This blatant act happened at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, as Raheel was leaving for Bangkok. ASF discovered a staggering $115,000, 31,000 Canadian dollars and 50 grams of gold in Raheel’s possession, all hidden in his luggage.

The criminal was then handed over to the Customs for further questioning and severe punishment. It is sickening to see individuals trying to undermine the economy and harm the country in such a way.

Last April, Pakistan Customs at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport successfully thwarted a brazen attempt to smuggle foreign currency out of the country.

Customs officials discovered $65,000 hidden in the luggage of a female passenger traveling to Doha. The currency was immediately confiscated and, however, the passenger was also allowed to proceed with her flight.

In view of the incidents of foreign exchange smuggling, it is imperative that strict measures be taken to combat such illegal activities and prevent individuals from undermining the troubled economy.



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