Beggar woman arrested in Abu Dhabi owns luxury car

In a crackdown against begging, Abu Dhabi police found a female beggar who owned a luxury car. According to media reports, the police watched her beg in front of various mosques in the city.

Be aware, begging is illegal in Abu Dhabi and the police suggest citizens donate through organizations registered with the state. Police arrested 159 beggars in the emirate between November 6 and December 12, 2022.

“Begging is an uncivilized act in society and a crime in the UAE. Beggars have the facility of fraud and are ready to dupe people and cash in on their generosity,” the police informed.

If someone is found begging, it is considered a criminal offence. The penalty for the offense is a fine of up to AED 5000 and a minimum imprisonment of three months. In addition, organizing a begging activity comes with stiffer penalties – a fine of up to AED 100,000 and six months in jail.

Sign Sold for PKR. 29 Crores in Dubai

A Dubai license plate, ‘AA 13’, was sold for 4.4 million dirhams (US$1.2 million) at auction last weekend. And 4.4 million dirhams is 29 crores in Pakistani rupees, which is simply amazing.

According to media reports, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority held an auction at the Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel for the sale of certain license plates. The license plate ‘AA 13’ was the most expensive item sold during this 110th Open Auction for License Plates.

The transport authority earned 37.328 million dirhams from the auction.

The other number plates also fetched huge sums as “U 70” saw the second highest bid of Dh3 million, while number plate “Z 1000” sold for Dh2.21 million and “V 99999” Dh1.26 million.



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