CDA presented over 30 projects in the last 6 months

ISLAMABAD: Under the leadership of Captain (R) Usman Younis, the former head of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), more than 30 projects have been started in the last six months (August 2022 to January 2023).

The details show that despite many hurdles, the Bhara Kahu Bypass construction project, which cost Rs. 6500 million, is now more than 60% complete.

In addition, development projects have also started:

Sectors C-14 and C-15 (Rs. 3148 million)
Sectors I-12/1 and I-12/4 (Rs. 1815 million)
Sector E-12/1 (Rs. 789.4 million)
Sector I-15/2 (Rs. 1425 million) and
Sector E-12/2 and E-12/3
Additionally, a $3.9 billion construction project has been launched to build a road between Margalla Avenue and Khayaban-e-Iqbal.

In detail, the completed projects include:

Widening and improvement of Park Road (Rs. 1917 million)
Completion of bus stops for the “Green and Blue Bus Line”
Completion of flyover and underpass on Srinagar National Highway
Completion of Margalla Avenue (Rs. 4500 million)
Completion of Rawal Chowk and Margalla Town Underpass
Heights of the Nilore
Construction of footbridges on Srinagar National Highway (Rs. 240 million)

Additionally, over 4,000 Channels of CDA areas were returned from adverse possession in the last six months.

Meanwhile, 500 illegal structures were destroyed and 70 buildings closed due to violations of building protocols.

Besides, important initiatives included the launch of an auction, which included:

Creation of a cell specifically for Pakistanis living abroad
Recovery of 3.5 billion rupees in unpaid rent for various properties
Cancellation of leases due to default (approximately 5 billion rupees)
Streamline property transfers to a single point of contact

In addition, in the first phase, 600 plots were also allotted for settlement of long overdue rehabilitation concerns through e-voting.



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