Changan announces discounts up to Rs. 378,000 for all cars

The savings cycle has come full circle as Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) has announced a discount offer on its entire range of cars.

As part of its New Year Offer, MCML is offering the following discounts on all its cars:

Rs. 250,000 discount on Sherpa M9 and Standard Grade Karvaan pickups

Rs. 175,000 off on Karvaan Plus

Rs. 200,000 on all Alsvin variants

Rs. 160,000 on all Oshan X7 variants including 1 year free insurance and Rs. 30,000 coupon

The company emphasized that the offer is only available for limited stock and time. It will also offer a price lock to customers availing this offer.

MCML has established itself as one of the mainstays of the Pakistani automotive industry in a relatively short span of time. Its sales are largely driven by Alsvin and Karvaan.

While the new year begins on a rocky footing, the automotive industry is teasing some exciting prospects for Pakistan’s auto market. With that, the future of MCML is definitely worth looking forward to.



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