Environment Court sends notice to High Riser Along Karachi Seaview

KARACHI: In response to a complaint of illegal construction of high-rise residential and commercial skyscrapers along Karachi’s coastline, the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has initiated action against a private firm and issued a warning to the CEO.

According to the details, the forum, headed by Justice (r) Nisar Mohammad Shaikh, directed Mohammad Hasnain, Managing Director of M/s HMR Waterfront Private Limited, to respond to the complaint by January 17.

The sources informed that Mohammad Iqbal Brohi, a resident of Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Phase-VI, filed a complaint against M/s HMR Waterfront Private Limited, alleging that the company constructed the project without complying with Section 26(2) (b ) of the Sindh Environment Protection Act, 2014;

He alleged that in violation of Section 17 of the Sindh Environment Protection Act, 2014, the company started work on the project without obtaining any approval from SEPA.

Under Section 17 of SEPA, anyone proposing a project must submit an Initial Environmental Assessment (IEE) to SEPA and obtain approval from them before any construction activity on the project begins.

It was revealed by Brohi in August 2021 that the original or partial construction in question was a temporary site or sales office that started before the EIA process started.

Moreover, the construction of the project was stopped once the company learned the rules and regulations set by the law.

In May 2021, Brohi, Noor Ul Amin and Mohammad Bux drove past the construction site and noticed that it was being built without SEPA’s permission, which is against the law.

In the presence of his witnesses, the complainant took photographs of the construction activity.

Besides, the company’s refusal to comply with the regulations laid down in Section 17 of the Act, according to Brohi’s attorney presenting the case, is illegal and punishable.

Based on this, the lawyer asked the court to take cognizance of the situation and issue a warrant for the owner’s arrest.



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