Esra Bilgic looks happy in recent photos

Recent photos shared by Turkish actor Esra Bilgic on social media Instagram have gone viral.

The Ertugrul celebrity is seen having fun in photos and videos that are widely shared on social media. The user-generated photo album has received millions of likes.

After Ertu─črul was distributed in Pakistan at the request of the country’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Esra Bilgic became a huge hit there. The Turkish actors in the series became stars overnight once the series spread across the country.

Halim Sultan’s portrayal of the celebrity on the Turkish show has won many awards.

Since then, the celebrity has agreed to serve as a brand ambassador for various Pakistani companies.

She was recently seen in the movie Adanis: Kutsal Kavga. After the invasion of Istanbul, she tells the story of a group of believers formed to protect a vital secret.



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