Gas distributors announce a four-day strike

Following the natural gas crisis, LPG distributors have called a four-day strike to protest the inflated prices, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

LPG distributors have announced that they will observe a strike from January 28 to 31 following the hike in LPG prices by up to Rs 300 per kg.

Distributors have announced they will halt supplies due to insufficient natural gas stocks to meet demand. LPG Distributors Association president Irfan Khokhar today held a press conference in Karachi.

He said gas is not available despite adequate LPG reserves. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has fixed LPG prices at Rs 204 per kg, but it is being sold at Rs 400 per kg in the hilly areas.

The distributors said that SSGC is not meeting the gas demand of Sindh and now the citizens are also forced to buy the LPG at inflated rates.

On January 20, the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) notified the sale of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) at inflated rates compared to the prices set by the government.

OGRA has taken cognizance of LPG being sold at higher prices in violation of government prices. The authority has issued written instructions to all LPG plants across the country.

The letter said LPG consumers should not be charged more than the government rates or else the authority will take strict action against violators.

Besides, the authority has also activated enforcement teams for the sale of LPG at government prices, OGRA spokesperson Imran Ghaznavi said.

On December 31, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) reduced LPG price by Rs 11.59 per kg for January 2023, according to the notification made public.

LPG price has been reduced by Rs 11.59 per kg for January 2023, moreover domestic LPG cylinder has become cheaper by Rs 136.86 and its new price has been set at Rs 2,411.43 while LPG price has been fixed to Rs 204.35 per kg.



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