How to get learner driving license through DLIMS Punjab

The Lahore City Traffic Police is taking strict action including heavy fines on people driving without a license. In the latest tweet, the police once again urged citizens to get their driving license or face serious consequences. “If you drive a bike or a car, get your license or you will be fined Rs. 2,000,” the police tweeted.

Following this appeal, the police then shared the method to get learner driving license from DLIMS Punjab. And for the convenience of our readers, we are sharing the complete process here.

Get learner driving license through DLIMS Punjab

In the tweet, the police shared the complete process of getting learner driving license from DLIMS Punjab. According to the tweet, these are the categories, age limit and price of driving tickets for the different types of licences.

18 years for a motorcycle and the ticket price is Rs. 60
18 years for a car with a ticket price of Rs. 60
21 years for LTV with one ticket costing Rs. 60
22 years for HTV and the ticket price is Rs. 60
Moreover, for HTV, the age of the candidate should be at least 22 years or should have LTV or regular car license for three years. Also candidate can apply for PSV if their HTV license is one year.

Important Documents

The candidate must have the following:

Original National CNIC
One photocopy of CNIC
Note: Medical certificate is required for persons over 50 years of age.

Study permit validation

The learner’s permit will remain valid for six months, while the applicant can apply for a regular driver’s license after 42 days.
The learner’s permit can be renewed after it expires in six months and he can drive the car following these instructions.
Adhere the word “L” with paperwork to the front and rear of the car screen measuring 4 inches high and 3.5 inches wide.
A licensed driver must sit in the passenger seat to control the situation in an emergency and stop the car.

So, if you have just started driving a car or riding a bike, get your learner’s permit from DLIMS to drive legally and stay safe from heavy fines.



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