Hwaeomsa Temple denies any involvement with BTS RM’s private chat leak

The BTS leader is not happy about his private conversation with the abbot being leaked

Singer and rapper RM visited the Hwaeomsa Buddhist Temple located in Gurye, Jeollanam-do last December, as reported by several media outlets.

The temple’s head monks recently came under fire for leaking a private conversation he had with the BTS star.

According to Koreaboo, Hwaeomsa Temple denied any involvement with the leak of BTS RM’s private conversation with the media.

Hwaeomsa Temple issued a statement and said that “We do not know how the RM’s visit was reported.”

“Monk goes (again) to the media and tells the media that he didn’t know that interviewing a reporter would lead to a covered interview.”

Several Korean media outlets on January 5 reported that RM visited the temple and shared photos of his visit on his Instagram.

However, the BTS leader is not happy about his private conversations with abbots being leaked. RM posted several Instagram stories about it and wrote that “I was grateful for the time I spent there, but I didn’t expect an article about it.”

In the next story, he said he would go to another temple next time to keep his visit quiet.



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