Is Viral Pakistani Mercedes Really Made Of Gold?

A video of a gold Mercedes Benz AMG G63 is doing the rounds on social media, with claims that the SUV is made of real gold. However, 24NewsHD has reached out to its owner to put that rumor to rest.

The owner, Chaudhry Fazil, clarified that the vehicle is only covered with gold wrapping. He stated that he had brought the vehicle from the UK to his hometown, Dadyal, Azad Kashmir.

Fazil stated:

The price of the vehicle is around Rs. 140 million. Wherever I took the vehicle, people assumed it was made of gold.

Imports of luxury cars
The government has recently come under heavy criticism for opening letters of credit (LC) for the import of luxury cars. A tweet by a renowned financial analyst Ali Khizar has shed some light on the situation.

Some sources also claim that the government has allowed the importation of more than 160 luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles, although these reports have not been verified. Analysts question the wisdom behind this decision amid the current financial crisis.



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