Mansha Pasha talks about his First Marriage

Actress Mansha Pasha opened up about her first marriage to Asad Farooqi which lasted for five years before they parted ways.

In her recent interview on a digital channel, Pasha spoke about failed celebrity marriages especially in recent times, including her own, and pointed out the possible causes that lead to the unlucky one.

“There is no blanket statement on marriage,” the ‘Aangan’ actor said, adding, “divorce is definitely the last resort.”

“Sometimes people get married without any idea, sometimes they just get into a relationship without any thought process, nobody gets married to get a divorce,” the celebrity explained.

Regarding her own failed marriage, Pasha said: “I got married quite young, in our society people got married at a young age, so my personality was not developed and I’m starting a relationship.”

“In most marriages, you are not mature enough to handle things, if you two are different then you should take the chance to move on, also I believe you are not marrying a person but you are marrying a family, it is a wishful statement but I agree with her, that’s right.”

Furthermore, Se blamed social media for the latest splits in the fraternity or in general. “A lot of people start ending their relationships too early. If you’re engaged, married and stuff, then it’s okay to put something on, but before that I feel like they have to cut back and draw a line somewhere.”

“They just create curiosity in people’s minds about their relationships, and that affects your relationship as you grow.”

Se also noted, “People often get married because they look good together, especially actors. If you’re a couple on a drama series and you’re single, social media is full of edits from fans calling you “couple goals” and more. I think that puts the idea in their head, and actors are generally people-pleasers, so they get convinced without seeing if they actually get along.”

It is worth mentioning here that Mansha Pasha got married for the second time to politician and activist Jibran Nasir in an elaborate ceremony. Speaking about her husband, the actor said: “He’s great, he still enjoys food and cooks it [for me], but these days we’re both so busy that we don’t have that much time, but yes, Alhamdulillah, everything’s fine”.

“We will be celebrating our second year of marriage very soon, and the first year was wonderful,” she added.



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