Punjab announces new dress code for PAKISTAN students

The Punjab government has changed its dress code policy for students to save them from seasonal diseases amid the prevailing cold wave.

According to details, the School Education Directorate (SED) issued a statement on Wednesday, stating that all public and private schools in the province are being asked to relax their uniform policy.

Students are allowed to wear any sweater, jacket, coat, jacket, cap, socks and shoes in January and February to stay warm and protect themselves from the cold.

All public and private schools are requested to ensure compliance with these guidelines in letter and spirit.

Here is the official announcement.

In a similar development, the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has also directed the educational institutions of Islamabad to relax their uniform policies amid the cold weather.

All public and private schools and colleges are requested to allow students to wear warm clothing of their choice in January and February.



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