Punjab University is again advertising vice chancellor vacancy

Punjab Higher Education Department (HED) has once again advertised for the post of Vice Chancellor (VC) of Punjab University. Last year in April, HED advertised the job and notified a VC Search Committee.

However, the Punjab University Academic Staff Association (PUASA) has expressed serious reservations about the VC Search Committee. As a result, the EDE notified a new committee.

Now, the post has been advertised once again. The deadline has been set for January 23, with PUASA demanding that the HED ensure merit and transparency in the appointment of the VC.

On the other hand, Punjab university officials have raised questions about the re-advertisement as they believe there were no reasons for posting the jobs.

In a separate development, Punjab University has inaugurated a Miyawaki Forest. The forest has about 7,000 saplings spread over two acres of land and more saplings will be planted.

Many trees are planted in the Miyawaki Forest and the project will serve as an oxygen reservoir and also host different species of birds.



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