Reham Khan and Bilal Mirza share how they first met

Pakistani journalist and TV presenter Reham Khan has been in the limelight ever since she got married for the third time to comedian turned social media influencer Mirza Bilal.

The ‘made in heaven’ match has now revealed their ‘unbridled’ first meeting and the internet is in love.

Always in the limelight, Khan’s honest and straightforward personality has helped her become one of the best news anchors in Pakistan. Although she has faced scrutiny for her controversial statements and biased views, the 49-year-old presenter has decided to take it easy and enjoy her greatness with her husband. Khan, mostly due to the nature of her profession, was quite active on social media and answered some of the questions from the curious audience. The couple sat down to talk about how they first met – a situation that sounds straight out of a movie.

Bilal revealed that the two met at a railway station where Khan was waiting while holding a very expensive bag worth 1 million. Khan was attacked by some who tried to grab her bag, but her “knight in shining armor” came through and fought off the robbers. “The rest is history,” the pair laughed before moving on to more questions.

Khan captioned the post, “Haters will say it’s a made up story.”

Reham was first married in 1993 to Ijaz Rehman. The couple divorced in 2005. The journalist later married cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan in 2014 and the two announced their divorce almost a year later.

For those wondering, Mirza Bilal is a 36-year-old TV host, satirist and model based in Seattle and New York. Bilal is a self-proclaimed real-life version of the fictional supermodel character Derek Zoolander, played by Hollywood actor Ben Stiller. Bilal appeared in 4 Man Show and Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar.



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