Rise in Naan and Roti prices in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The rise in flour prices in Islamabad has led to an increase in the prices of naan and roti, ARY News reported on Sunday.

According to the details, the prices of various types of naan and roti have been increased by Rs 2 to Rs 10, while the price of tandoori roti has been fixed at Rs 20 from Rs 18.

With an increase of Rs 5, the new price of tandoori naan in the federal capital has been fixed at Rs 25, while tandoori kulcha will be sold at Rs 30 from Rs 25.

The price list also states that the price of Rogini Naan has been increased by Rs 10 and the new price is Rs 50.

Meanwhile, the problem of flour in Sukkur has increased, and the product is sold in the market for 140 riyals per kilo.

According to the details, the price of flour in Sukkur has started reaching the sky. The price of flour in the open market has reached 140 rupees per kg.

Meanwhile, 10 kg of flour, which was sold for 900 rupees a few days ago, is sold at 11300 rupees in the local market. People have problems buying flour because their purchasing power is affected by high inflation.



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