Russell Crowe recalls meeting ‘very sweet’ Lisa Marie Presley in Chicago in 2003 -A.A

Russell Crowe said Lisa Marie Presley was ‘too young’ to die at 54

Russell Crowe recalled fond memories of Lisa Marie Presley after news of her tragic death aged 54 on Thursday.

The Gladiator star, 54, recalled the American singer saying she was “too young” to die at 54.

Speaking on the Australian Today show on Saturday, the Oscar winner, 58, recalled how the pair met while working at Soundstage in Chicago in 2003.

“Being a huge Elvis [Presley] fan, I just happened to be in the right place to meet her,” Russell told Nine’s Entertainment Editor Richard Wilkins.

Russell, who was married to Danielle Spencer at the time, explained that the pair had a really nice chat and said she was ‘very sweet’.

She also described how they later reconnected when Lisa Marie visited Australia with her mum Priscilla.

“I just got a call one night, I was sitting in my office in [Sydney suburb] Woolloomooloo, and I got a call saying, you know, ‘Hi Russell, it’s Lisa Marie. Do you want to go out for a drink?’ he remembered.

Russell said he immediately grabbed his then-father-in-law Don Spencer and met with Lisa-Marie and Priscilla.

“I think Don was doing really well with Priscilla, he didn’t realize, I think, how well she was doing and he kind of got distracted,” Russell said.

He then joked: “I tell my kids every now and then, ‘If [grandpa] had gotten his act together, we could have been related to the Presleys.’

Lisa Marie Presley was the only child and heir of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. He died of cardiac arrest.



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