Sajid Sadpara starts K2 Clean-up Drive to tackle climate change

Famous mountaineer, Sajid Ali Sadpara, is preparing to launch the K-2 cleanup campaign to secure a long-term solution to climate change.

In this regard, the son of late Muhammad Ali Sadpara has formed a group of local mountaineers from Gilgit-Baltistan to help him in this initiative.

In a short video released on his Twitter account, Sajid stated that the much-needed campaign will take place between June and August this year.

Sajid said he would be available to organize awareness campaigns and educational programs to develop sustainable tourism policies in the region. He added that the initiative would not only help keep Britain’s uplands clean, but also raise international awareness of the ravages of climate change.

“Tourism is a lifeline for the people of Britain and we can’t close the mountains to expeditions, but we can mitigate the risks and work on sustainable ways to combat climate change,” he said.

Sadpara expressed his gratitude to all those who helped his team to make the idea a reality and asked the government to help them in their endeavour.

“I want to come forward and voluntarily clean the symbol of the glory of the Pakistani nation and the final resting place of my beloved father,” he said.



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