Schools relax strict uniform rules to prevent children from getting cold in Punjab

LAHORE — All educational institutions in Punjab reopened earlier this week after the winter break, and students are attending classes in freezing weather.

Amid the extreme cold, the provincial government has ordered all schools to relax uniform rules as a precaution to keep children out.

In a notification, the School Education Department (SED) ordered all public and private schools in the province to relax uniform rules, allowing students to wear warm, casual clothing.

Students can wear any warm clothes, including sweater, blazer, coat, jacket, cap and socks, in January and February, he said, while citizens of Lahore and other cities are shivering amid the recent cold snap.

Provincial authorities relaxed the strict dress code, after the federal government issued a notification, allowing students to wear sweaters or jackets of any color in addition to uniform.

The relaxation has been made as parents are unable to buy extra warm clothes amid unprecedented inflation as the weather turns chilly after a recent downpour in parts of the country.



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