Supreme Court asks government to focus on hybrid cars

The Supreme Court (SC) has urged the federal government to promote hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) instead of imposing “absurd interpretations” that limit the exemption.

According to the Express Tribune, Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar said the following in a judgment that upheld the Peshawar High Court’s ruling on the illegal clearance of imported HEVs:

In addition to fuel consumption, it is also an alternative to carefully focus on the issue of global warming. The proper and futuristic use of this technology will advance our country and not only improve and restore the atmosphere and ecosystem but also alleviate the destructive aspects of climate change by reducing smoke emissions in order to effectively implement the law of change 2016 Climate and Environment Act of Pakistan. Protection Act (PEPA), 1997.

The Federal Government waived customs duty, sales tax and withholding tax on HEVs under PCT Code 87.03 vide SRO 499(I)/2013 dated 12-06-2013.

During the inspection, the Deputy Collector of Customs at Model Customs Collectorate, Peshawar found that used Hybrid Suzuki, Hustler, Wagon-R, Mazda, Cross-over and Suzuki IGNIS were illegally cleared with 50% duty and tax exemption.

At the same time, the three-judge panel headed by Umar Ata Bandial told the government to favor the development of HEVs in Pakistan. Citing environmental and economic benefits, the panel said the government should prioritize the promotion of HEV in Pakistan.



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