The Finance Minister wants an action plan to resolve the cyclical debt in the natural gas sector

Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar presided over a meeting on Power Sector reforms in the Finance Department today.

Minister of Finance and Revenue Dr. Aisha Ghous Pasha, Minister of State for Petroleum Mr. Musadik Masood Malik, SAPM for Finance Mr. Tariq Bajwa, SAPM for Revenue Mr. Tariq Mehmood Pasha, Mr. Ashfaq Yousuf Tola Chairman RRMC, Chairman The SECP, the Auditor General of Pakistan, Accountant General of Pakistan and senior officials of Finance and Petroleum departments attended the meeting.

Mr. Ashfaq Yousuf Tola, Editor of the Gas Sector Circular Debt Settlement Committee informed the chairman of the amount of gas sector circular debt and the details and framework for introducing energy sector reforms to compensate of the cyclical debt burden in the natural gas sector. The meeting discussed viable proposals that focus on achieving sustainability in the energy sector to achieve economic growth in the country.

Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar emphasized the government’s priority to address the issues of the energy sector, including cyclical debt, to bring financial sustainability to the sector and economic growth to the country. The Finance Minister further asked the Commission to finalize the report and action plan for the early settlement of the circular debt in the natural gas sector.



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