The government is raising Rs. 852 Billion in T-Bills Auction

Treasury bond yields (T-Bills) rose by 94 basis points (bps) in the auction of the form held on Wednesday.

According to the data released by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the government collected Rs. 852 billion against a target of Rs. 650 billion and duration of Rs. 587 billion in the auction.

Official data showed the cut-off yield on three-month notes rose 96 basis points to 17.9374 percent from 16.999 percent seen on Jan. 11.

The government collected Rs. 784 billion for the three-month paper in the competitive auction. The government rejected all offers for the 06-month and 12-month bills.

A further breakdown of the official numbers shows that the government also raised Rs. 68 billion through non-competitive tenders. This took the total amount raised during the auction to Rs. 852 billion



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