‘The Last of You’ star Pedro Pascal reacts to fans’ venomous comments

Pedro Pascal-protagonist of “The Last of Us” was criticized for the different casting

Pedro Pascal has addressed accusations from some fans of The Last of Us for “woke politics” and the show’s diverse cast.

During an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, the Narcos star responded to the hateful comments on social media, “This isn’t my Last of Us,” adding, “I’m sorry,” stressing that he’s not really that sorry.

“You can’t make them all happy.” he continued. “The game is very, very innovative in its content.”

“So, really, it’s a way to honor the original source material, the way Craig and Neil went about casting and telling this story.”

The Last of Us starring Pascal will premiere on HBO and HBO Max on January 15th.

Fans of the super hit PlayStation titles are excited to experience one of the most faithful screen adaptations of the video game.



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