The MG ZS EV offers a range of 250 km at Rs. 2000

Today we are back with the owner review of a 2021 MG ZS EV. MG has launched its 2020 all-electric crossover in Pakistan in the form of CBU units. It comes with a 44.5kWh Li-ion water-cooled battery that produces nearly 140bhp and 353Nm of torque, which is sent to the front wheels. Unlike the overwhelming reception of the HS, demand for the ZS never really caught on, despite being the first all-electric vehicle on the market. However, in recent times, the price of the ZS in the used market has had a sudden upward surge. let’s find out why.

Purchase Decision

The owner previously drove the HS PHEV and was very impressed with it. He then decided to switch from a plug-in hybrid to a fully electric car and with his satisfactory experience with MG, he chose to buy the ZS EV. Bought a used ZS from Pakwheels where he got a good deal at Rs. 7 million. According to him, the price has now crossed Rs. 8 million due to the increase in fuel prices.


Coming to the range, which is the main asset of an EV, the owner thinks it is very good. The company claims it will go over 300km on a single charge, while according to the owner, it purely depends on the driving style. If driven lightly in the city, it can even cover 280 to 290 km, which is close to what the company claims. However, a more realistic range is around 240 to 250 kilometers which the car regularly achieves.

Charging Time and Cost

According to the owner, the ZS takes 30 to 40 minutes to charge on commercial chargers at gas pumps. It consumes 40 units of electricity which costs 4,000 rupees if charged commercially, while the price drops to 2,000 if charged at home. What is impressive is that it has its own fast charger, which can be installed at home, allowing the car to charge in 3 hours. The owner hired an electrician to install a proper charging outlet for his car, which included grounding and stabilizers to prevent it from malfunctioning while charging.


The ZS EV is equipped with several features which include panoramic roof, push start, multimedia steering system, leather seats, 17-inch machined alloys, 8-inch infotainment system, etc. ( Kinetic Energy Recovery System ) for which the intensity can be adjusted along with six airbags.

Maintenance and spare parts

Being an EV, it is maintenance free, meaning no fluids or filters are needed. The only things that require replacement are the tires, and the pads also last longer than gasoline cars. Spare parts are not a problem due to MG dealerships in every major city but prices are high.

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