Video of family showering wedding guests with gold coins goes viral

The wild trend of extravagant and large wedding events continues to be fashionable, despite the fact that the fifth most populous nation faces a multi-dimensional crisis with the currency weakening and inflation soaring to decade highs.

Amidst the gloomy picture of the economy, one such event depicting an insane display of wealth caught people’s attention as a family showered their wedding guests with gold coins. The incident has shocked many as bullion is selling for Rs 186,000 per tola amid a sharp rise in prices.

The incident soon went viral. The clip shows family members tossing gold coins into the air, taking off the popular ritual at desi weddings. The clip also shows members showering local currency notes, which are collected by bands and other individuals.

People also saw a 5-tiered cake during the ceremony.

As the seemingly rich family tried to make the wedding memorable by showering them with gold coin after coin, social media users are not impressed by the lavish display of wealth.

The event attracted trolls as people suggested the rich donate their money to a noble cause as a large number of people in the cash-strapped country struggle to eat three meals a day.

However, this is not the first time that many well-to-do people have gone to great lengths to be in the news. From throwing cellphones at guests to showering dollars from a helicopter, lavish weddings often make headlines and even attract the tax authorities.



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