Pakistani Girl Ayesha On Her Dance Video Going Viral and Ayesha Gained 6 Lakh Followers

Aisha, who rose to fame overnight when she danced to Lata Mangeshkar’s song “Mera Dil Yeh Pikare Aaja”, was invited by popular host Nida Yasir on her TV show and on the other hand

the girl shared a video of her own performance. social media. They shared it. The media are heavily criticized.

Bahawalpur-based Pakistani girl, Tik Tok i.e. Aisha’s dance video has gone viral on social media.

In the over-minute video she shared on social media, Ayesha showed off her acting prowess, but netizens didn’t like it. The video had many shortcomings in acting and directing, the script was also very poor.

Viral Dance Girl Ayesha Full Name is Ayesha Malik. He said he was planning something else but at the last minute his friend told him not to and after the video was released he started following 600,000 people.

Pakistani Viral Girl Ayesha created a new post on Instagram, why She Trolled? Look here!

In the photos, the teenager is wearing black pants and a burgundy top. In particular, photos of her posing with her middle finger have been criticized. One user wrote “ It’s time to catch up!

Another user said, “I hope you weren’t there, you looked so innocent, we don’t need that anymore.” Third user more such dirty marks, 600k can go back. Meanwhile, Aisha’s video is still circulating on the internet. Lots of people create it and post their own versions.

Internet access makes people stars overnight. Sometimes all it takes is a pretty video and a bit of charm and luck. Pakistani Aisha was blessed to have such a change in her life. She became a viral sensation after posting a video of her dancing to “Mera Dil Yeh Pikare Aja”.

In the clip, she is seen dancing gracefully to a retro song during a wedding ceremony. This clip gave him a sudden surge of followers. This girl now has 600,000 followers on Instagram. However, with popularity comes other downsides.

After her popular dance video, Ayesha finally opened up about her performance on ARY Digital, a local Pakistani channel. She said she had something else planned, but at the last minute her friend, who happened to be the bride, told her not to. So her performance at her friend’s wedding was impromptu.