When and where will KIA show off its new luxury cars?

The Korean car giant’s franchise in the country – named – KIA lucky Motor Corporation (KLMC) has revealed when and where it will launch its new Stinger and Niro EV cars.

A few days ago, KLMC shared a video on social media teasing the KIA Niro EV and KIA Stinger with the caption, “Excited to witness the ultimate Kia experience coming to your city very soon.” And now, the company is all set to unveil these cars in Karachi.

According to the company’s social media post, here are the dates and locations.

  January 5 – 9: Kia Motors Macca (Karachi)

  January 10 – 13: Kia Motors Clifton (Karachi)

  January 14 – 18: Kia Motors Society (Karachi)

  January 19 – 23: Kia Motors Lucky One (Karachi)

Highlighting the Niro EV, the car can stand toe-to-toe with the best of the Honda HR-V, Toyota RAV4 and other vehicles in the class. Whereas, KIA’s second entrant, the Stinger, offers the same style and high-end luxury elements we see in luxury vehicles like the Audi A5.

Are we getting the Niro EV & Stinger?

So, are we getting these two new cars from Kia Pakistan? The answer is a bit complicated. According to our sources, the company will be showing these two vehicles across Pakistan at its different dealerships, but for now it will be for display only. “The company wants to increase traffic to its dealerships, especially in these difficult times, so the tour of these cars will start soon,” the sources said, adding that Kia hopes people will come to see them.

The company has introduced the CBU units of the Niro EV and Stinger, but there are no plans to launch them anytime soon. According to our experts, the Niro teased in this video is a discontinued global model. The Stinger will be discontinued globally, with production ending in April or summer 2023 and no next generation. We might expect a Stinger CBU as the Stinger didn’t sell well globally and there might be RHD vehicles unsold in stock that Lucky can import at a discounted price and sell locally. Same goes for the Niro, or a CKD Niro stands a better chance with the government’s electric car incentives.



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