About Us

abdullahayub.com is a news website that provides information on various topics. The work of collecting information on various topics and making it available to the readers is done by our team, which has many writers working, who write on various topics according to their hobbies. All these writers are graduates and post graduates, many of them are masters in Business fields, but because of their interest in writing, they all write regularly about Latest NEWS, BUSINESS, EDUCATION, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT, AUTOS, WORLD….

We are very passionate about providing correct, fast and real-time updates to our users. In addition, we want our users to get some kind of knowledge from the website.

Our writers research all these topics and work hard to provide all the information and prepare content according to the interest and desires of their readers.

Is abdullahayub.com just a website?

Abdullah Ayub is not just a website. I want to make Abdullah Ayub a Band I will try to convert it into a worldwide News Company in future.